Time for Me.

  This is me today. A person I had scheduled for a private yoga lesson did not show up. They possibly forgot to tell me about a trip or something. It is very unusual.

I found myself thinking that I can use this time for me. And then I was criticizing myself for putting myself last. As if whenever there’s a crack in my schedule, that’s when there’s time for me. It really is an ongoing struggle to take care of myself well, partially because it’s not always easy to see myself. I find it much easier to hold the needs of others in my minds eye.

I’ve just moved again. It’s definitely unsettling to move. I must find myself here, in this time of my life and take care of this person I am. Me. A human worthy of care, not an object waiting to be found. Here. I am here. Ready for myself, and to be responsible to my needs as I continue to discover them.


1 thought on “Time for Me.

  1. So glad you are figuring out this truth… it is never to late to love and care for our precious selves… this is the only way to refill the well in order to be present to others. Compassion, compassion, compassion.

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